How Does My Body Work?

This week The Dragons began thinking about how their bodies work. We read a few books and the students brainstormed some things they already knew. It's a pretty impressive list!

Things we already know:

Our hands move.
Our legs can help us walk, run, and ride things with wheels.
Our brain controls our body and sometimes sends messages.
Our leg muscles help us run.
Blood goes through our legs and all over our body.
if we only had one bone, we can't move our body.
our bones connect and that's when we can move.
Bones are connected by little balls that connect with each other.
When you scream really loudly, your lungs get filled up with voice.
We have veins inside our body and that's where the blood goes through.
The bones can go up and down.
There are bones inside our body.
Your eyes cannot see that the earth is moving.
Your hands can drive car.
The nose breathes air.
Your heart pumps blood so it can get clean.
Your heart is as big as your fist.
The food comes out of your bum that's why there is a hole there.

Then the students came up with questions and things they wanted to learn more about:

Why do we blink?
Why does your heart beat automatically?
How do bones get connected?
How does the heart push blood?
How do you play toys with your legs and arms?
How do our legs walk?
How does our blood move?
How many pipes are in our body?
How do eyes understand what they see?
How do our bones sit?
How do our lungs breathe?
How do we talk?
How do your eardrums hear?
How do we digest food?

Then we brainstormed ways to get the information:

Ask a doctor.
Ask a scientist who works with humans.
Search on the computer or iPads.
Watch the news, tv and videos.
Just wait until the future when you know more stuff.

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