Happy 100th Day of Kindergarten!

Monday February 1 was the 100th Day of School. By the end of Kindergarten we hope that most students can count orally to 100 by ones and tens. We practiced counting in the weeks leading up to the 100th day. On the day we celebrated with 100 themed activities. We made "100" glasses. We made a 100 gumball painting where the students painted 10 gumballs in 10 machines to make 100. We played a 100 chart game on the iPads. The favourite was our 100th Day snack, where the students counted out ten items ten times to make a trail mix with 100 things! Then at the end of the day we had a 100 Day dance party in the Little Theatre with the other Kinder classes. Here's a slideshow from that day. Enjoy!

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